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Photo by Tianlun Song

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You can find me in websites. I will express my thoughts through blog. If you are interesting, please come to my bolg. Fry-tea’s Blog . I took up photography when i was sixteen, and i never give it up. I like to store my memories in light and color through photography. If you are interedted in my photography, Please vivst my online photo album.Fry-tea’s Gallary. I love technology since i was young, i am happy to learn new things, and i love reading. I organize my daily notes on my personal wiki via Dokuwiki. If you are interesting in all the interesting knowledge i have collevted, please come to my private knowledge. Maybe you will find something interesting.Fry-tea’s Wiki. I addition, i also collected some useful tools, resources, software, very simple but useful, if you are interesting in thie sontent, welcome to my resource download station.Fry-tea’s Res

ps: I used to build a blog with hexo, and then moved to typecho for convenience. Accourding to Googls Analytics, the original blog still has a certain amount of traffic, so i will keep blog during the blog transition period, the new blog contains all the content of the old blog, but by the end of the 2019 year, you can still access my old blog via for the support.

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